Custom Designs

We design and manufacture all types of skydiving and stunt equipment equipment to meet your creative ideas.

The HALO Helmet that Tom Cruise used from 25,000ft is the worlds first full face high altitude helmet. 

The Director Christopher McQuarrie didn’t want the traditional oxygen mask that is needed to survive at high altitude, he wanted to see Tom’s face clearly during the stunt. 

The Switchblade  we built for  James Bond was also the worlds first. We designed and tested it in freefall years before the popular jet-powered wing, built by Yves Rossy

The design had electric wings that allowed the pilot to move the wings during flight, for fast and dynamic dives. 

The Parahawk started as a traditional powered parachute which we ere-designed by adding the body with machine guns and changing the steering system.

The parachutes built by performance designs were also modified for different roles. We changed the angle of attach so it would dive and turn faster when flying down the mountain and cut holes in them for a crash sequence

We built the Union Jack Parachute for a James Bond film which we used to jump into Buckingham Palace, so the villain could drop in to get his Knighthood from the Queen

We made the safety harness, built into the Tomb raider costumes

We have also designed and built many smaller products to assist stunts, props and special effects