Our new Design is ready for the display season. 

We now have Cowlings installed and all 4 of our jets can now be fitted for night displays. (Incorporating a light show and Pyrotechnics) to impress and dazzle any audience.

Back in 2006 I dreamt of setting up a Jet Powered Parachute Display Team, but the jet designs and the Paragliders used to test the concept, were not as good as I wanted.

This has changed, so 5 year ago I started again developing the Jet Back Pack. 

My dream has now been taken over by Gordie Oliver who’s been instrumental in setting up our Jet Paramotor Display Team (Jet Speed Flying) and bringing in the skill and expertise we now have to complete the dream.

Our first display was for the Buttermere Bash, to showcase our new jet designs and finalise the proof of concept.

We  are now an approved CAA and BHPA  Jet Paramotor Display Team, looking to market our amazing flying sequences.

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Jet Para Hawks Display Team

Jet Paramotoring, daytime and night time, flying sequences

Gordie Oliver – Team leader

Flying since 1990 – 5,000 hours on a paraglider – 200 hours on a Paramotor – CAA display organiser & authorised pilot – Chief Flying Instructor

Alex Colbeck

Flying since 2004 – 1,000 hours on a Paramotor – 1,500 hours on a Paraglider – CAA display authorised pilot

Danny Taylor

Flying since 2004 – 1,500 hours on a Paraglider – 100 hours Paramotor – Air – Experience Instructor – Professional Tandem Pilot – Acrobat Pilot – CAA Display Authorised Pilot


Mike Hunter

Flying since 1998 – 625 hours split between paragliding and paramotoring

Dave Manning

Flying since 2011 – 1,300 hours Paragliding – 600 hours Paramotor – PPL 105 hours – Chief Flying Instructor 

Paul Martin

Flying since 2010 – 650 hours paragliding – 150 hours Tandem Paramotoring

Allan Hewitt

Powered Parachute Instructor 800 hours – Paramotor  8 hours – Paragliding 30 hours – Speed Flying  –  Skydiving Instructor and Rigger Examiner – Jet Back Pack Designer, Developer & Test Pilot

Dave Roberts

Flying since 2013 – 2,000+ hours Paragliding – 2,400 Tandem – 200 hours Paramotor – Flying Instructor – CAA authorised pilot