During your AFF Course You will be accompanied by two highly qualified AFF Instructor, who will give you personal ground and in-air tuition.

We will guide you in freefall by way of hand signals and if necessary controlling your body. You will experience an exhilarating freefall flight before you open your own, ram-air canopy

Graduating the AFF course qualifies you as an independent skydiver in your own right, so that you can literally go sky diving anywhere in the world!

The course comprises of a minimum of six hours of ground training, followed by your first skydive with two instructors.

After successfully completing your course you will be well on your way to attaining your FAI A licence.

Training Syllabus

Ground School & Jump 1

  • Introduction to the equipment
  • Aircraft procedures
  • Freefall procedures
  • Emergencies
  • Canopy control
  • Your first jump with two AFF instructors
  • Practice pulls & Altitude awareness

Jump No 2 & 3

  • Jump 2 consolidates the basics of freefall and develops the practice pulls and altitude awareness
  • Jump 3 is a release dive with both your instructors close by, to assist if necessary.

Jump No´s 4 to 7

  • These four jumps are conducted with one instructor
  • Jump 4 concentrates on starting and stopping turns.
  • Jump 5 practices 360° turns
  • Jump 6 is a solo exit (the instructors will be very close on your heals) and includes back loops and tracking exercise.
  • Jump 7 introduces a dive exit from the aircraft, a back loop, a left and right turn, track and pull.

Jump No 8

Jump 8 is from 5000 feet and involves a stable exit and a solo deployment of the canopy.

The AFF jumps are debriefed by video for each of your skydives