We love working on film projects and feel extremely privileged to be invited back for a 2nd Mission Impossible film. Meeting Tom Cruise again to try and top the amazing HALO sequence was absolutely amazing

The sequence is awesome, and once again Tom did the stunts himself. It was a pleasure to see him in action once again. Mission Impossible 7

Wade Eastwood (Stunt Coordinator) knows how to put a top team together which guaranteed bringing the sequence together. I can’t wait to see the end result

Jon Devore, Miles Daisher, Ray Armstrong, Karen Saunders, Alex Hewitt, Dylan Roberts, Mark Briggs, Espen Fadens, Tom Erik Heimen, Steven Moth, Will Samuelson and myself (Allan Hewitt) completed the parachute team that made it all happen

It was a real pleasure working with all the departments in Mission Impossible again, the expertise, professionalism and knowledge that these guys have are amazing. They really know how to bring a sequence together and it’s always against the clock

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