I’m a director of Skydive Specialists LTD, and currently working on multiple projects which involve research and development and manufacturing new products

I have skills in designing, cutting, and manufacturing, using sewing machines of various types. This includes the understanding of what areas are subject to additional wear and tear and where the greatest tension may be, and adding additional support i.e. stronger stitching or materials.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

I was given the opportunity to work on Mission Impossible Fallout film for a year, I was there from near the beginning to the very end doing various jobs for the skydiving sequence.

Some of the different jobs were as follows:

I was tasked with inspecting, assembling and packing all the parachute equipment. During filming we did over 100 jumps, I was responsible for packing the equipment after the skydive stunt team landed

Built various useful items such as bags to easily store and carry the equipment.

I also aided in the design and manufacture of unique skydiving equipment, Such as a harness for the large camera equipment that one of the skydivers had to use, to film the sequence.

There were various customisation that we had to make to the skydiving equipment, such as creating a pocket for the radios etc

Parachute Rigger

The work I do most often consists of the design, manufacture, repair and customisation of skydiving equipment.

I also do research & development and make improvements on skydiving equipment, as well as other products such as our jet speed flying equipment. 

I helped to design and build the speed flying harness including fitting the harness to the jet frame. I now service and maintain our range of jet packs.


Certificate: IT: Essentials: PC Hardware And Software  

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma: Computing  

Selby College – Selby, North Yorkshire

Certificate: Parachute Rigger