• Pete Mclaughlin
  • Ralph Ridge
  • Rosalind Ayling
  • Roy Charters
  • Ryan Jackson
  • Sergey Luchkinsky
  • Sian Stokes
  • Simon Rushton
  • Simon Woerlee
  • Steve Judge
  • Susan Farquhar
  • Tamsin Gray
  • Ted Atkins
  • Toms Ivans
  • Tony Mather
  • Yvonne Wiggers

Skydiving Stunts

Selecting the right Skydiving, BASE, Speed Flying or Paragliding team is crucial in getting the best results from a sequence.

As a British National Champion I’m always keen to stay involved by doing some of the stunts myself, but after 40 years of skydiving, my main role is safety and coordination.

There are many disciplines in  skydiving, and hiring the right team is a bit of minefield. A world champion in one discipline can have extremely bad skills in another discipline. Using the right person for the right job is crucial.

My team always have the right qualifications, which helps to support the risk assessments, but more importantly I select them for a specific skill set and usually make sure that they have skills in other disciplines to support the whole project.

The following stunt team are all experts in their specific disciplines, and it’s been a pleasure working with each and everyone

Allan Hewitt – Rigger Examiner / Instructor

Ray Armstrong – Instructor Examiner / Rigger

Craig OBrien – Cinematography 

Rusty Lewis – World Champion FF Competitor

Eriks Osmanis – Wind Tunnel Instructor

Alex Fixsen – Chief Pilot

Nick Davison – Speed Flying, BASE jumping

Anna Hicks – Team Doctor & FS Champion

Karen Saunders – Chief Rigger

The above are heads of their department,  but without the following team members, who have very specific skills, we could not have achieved the amazing results that are now on film

  • Adrian Nicholas
  • Alan Foulkes-Williams
  • Alex Hewitt
  • Andrea Rieck
  • Armands Bisenieks
  • Arturs Cukunde
  • Christian Bote-Kwam
  • Christien Meijers Plaisier
  • Danny Kelly
  • Dave Emerson
  • Dumile Ndlovu
  • Dylan Roberts
  • Eilif Rosnaes
  • Espen Fadens
  • Florian Robin
  • Fredrik Faulk
  • Hans Berggren
  • Harry Hongjindapong
  • Helge Karbo
  • Ian Barraclough
  • Ian Hodgkinson
  • Ian Marshall
  • John Rix
  • Jon Devlore
  • Jonno Horne
  • Juan Mayer
  • Julian Spencer
  • Julian Swallow
  • Julie Woodrow
  • Jurgis Grigorjevs
  • Lehart Eriksen
  • Lesley Gale
  • Marius Beck Dahle
  • Mark Briggs
  • Mark Scobie
  • Martin Rosen
  • Michael Nordqvist
  • Mike McNulty
  • Miles Daisher
  • Paul Burns
  • Per Flare Eriksson