Skydive Specialists has been organising and training freefall camera operators for many years, and we’ve modified our camera equipment for use in the worlds largest outdoor wind tunnel.

We can capture cast members flying in freefall, without them having to learn skydiving.

Filming in freefall. or in a wind tunnel, takes a special type of skill. Firstly you must be an accomplished skydiver with thousand of skydives, with the ability to fly at any speed or body position to fall relative to whoever you’re filming.

Then you need to film using high quality film cameras, not just a GoPros. These add a lot of weight and complications to a normal skydive. A skydiver with 10,000 skydives, doesn’t mean you’ll be any good in capturing an action sequence.

We supply and modify camera equipment, working with camera technicians for amazing results.

Filming in freefall from 25,000ft or filming in a wind tunnel while flying around a cast performer is easy for our highly skilled skydiving stunt team.