The cost all depends on the size of jets and whether you want a single jet or a twin jet system. It also depends on what options you’d like included. 

Costs start from £23,000 plus vat for a complete system ready to fly.

Running costs, that include fuel, oil, jet servicing and maintenance etc  is approx approx £120 per hour. 


•High Hook-in Points
•Adjustable Harness
•Accessory Pouch
•Adjustable & Sliding Shoulder Strap
•Radio Pouch
•Adjustable Yoke
•Leg Strap Locking Buckles
•Adjustable Waist Strap
•Split Leg Harness
•Emergency Cutaway System
•Control Toggle Attachment
•Riser Covers
•Reserve Parachute
•Flag Bag Attachment


•Lipo Rechargeable
•Quick Fit Battery Compartment
•Charging Station

Fuel System

•Fibre Glass Fuel Tank
•Filler Cap
•Header Tank
•One Way Valve
•Fuel Timer
•AN Reinforced Hardware
•Fuel Filter
•Fuel Pump
•Tank Drainage Plug
•Inline Priming System
•Fuel Hub

Electrical System

•Electric Start
•Kill Switch
•Removable Power Switch
•Thumb Throttle
•Military Electrical Connectors
•Printed Circuit Board
•Computer Download Connector
•Calibration Button


•Aluminum Frame
•Quick Fit Harness
•Compact C of G
•Single and Double Jets Installations
•Line Protector Cowling
•Jet Air Intake Design
•Compact Pelicase Design


•Multiple Power Options
•Customized for Paramotoring
•Software Control Settings
•Modified Fuel Attachments
•Modified Cable Fittings
•Jet Protector Caps